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Winnebago 7-21-2012

Details of July 21st Oshkosh Tournament Please note different format (Based on 50 Teams)

This tournament will NOT count towards Team of the Year. This tournament is a qualifier for The classic.You must still fish at least 4 tournaments minimum to qualify for the Classic.Please See (How to qualify for the WABTA Classic) in the brochure.This tournament only will have a split purse as noted below. Instead of paying the top 20% of the Teams for the heaviest stringer the pot will be split in half. One side for the heaviest stringer and One side for Big Bass. You can only win 1 Big Bass per team but can place in the heaviest stringer And Big Bass. (See below example).


Example : A team could win the heaviest stringer side and get $1600 and take 3rd on the Big Bass side And win an additional $650 for a total of $2250. In the below example (Based on 50 teams) A team could win Big Bass only and take home $1600.

        Heaviest Stringer                                 Big Bass


  • $1600                                              1.   $1600

  • $900                                                2.   $900

  • $650                                                3.   $650                               

  • $450                                                4.   $450

  • $300                                                5.   $300

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