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Wisconsin's Largest Team Bass Circuit


  • 100% Payback

  • Year-end Qualifying Classic Tournament

  • 2023 Classic Payout over $27,000

  • Representation with Wisconsin Tournament Regulators





The W.A.B.T.A. was founded in January, 1993 by concerned tournament anglers. The seven founding members believed that tournament fishermen in Wisconsin needed a unified voice of representation to help shape the future of tournament angling. Also, the founders believe that a primary function of the organization should be to offer its members a non-profit arena in which to compete. WABTA open team tournaments with generous payouts and a free qualifying year-end championship were born. Today, WABTA strives to maintain the principles on which it was founded.





The purpose of WABTA is to:

-Establish communications between its members, other fishing organizations, and tournament regulators

-Provide a tournament format which returns a high percentage of the purse

-Promote competition while maintaining sportsmanship

-Encourage family participation such as father/son, husband/wife, etc.

2024 Winter Meetings:

  •   March 23  7:00 P.M. - MD Saloon 

2024 Boat Drawing

  •  April 16th 7:00 P.M. - Facebook Live from TBD







Jay Wollenberg - 414-510-9149

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