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Sturgeon Bay Aug 22 - 23


Day 2 of classic was cancelled due to weather.

Tournament boundaries:

  • Fishing will be allowed in all legal waters of Sturgeon bay and Green bay within 5 miles of the Door County shoreline.

  • Waters within 1/2 mile of Chambers Island are also included.

  • No fishing allowed north of Ellison Bluff.

  • The southern boundary will be no further than a 90-degree angle from Chaudoir's Dock to the west shore.

  • No fishing permitted east of bouys #5 and #6 at the US Coast Guard Station located toward Lake Michigan from the weigh in area.

  • There will be NO fishing allowed in Lake Michigan.



  •  Sawyer Park Boat Launch, located on Neenah Avenue at the east end of Oak Street in Sturgeon Bay, WI.


Tournament hours:

  • 6:30 am to 2:30 pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

  • Meeting will be at 6:00 am on Saturday.


Dinner while be provided for contestants and family members at 5:30 pm at Sunset Park located at 747 N 3rd Ave in Sturgeon Bay.

Please see the Qualifier list below for the Classic, if you owe entry money for the Classic have it postmarked no later than Friday August 14.

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