How To Qualify for the WABTA CLASSIC

  • You must be a WABTA Member


  • Anglers must launch a boat, register the morning of 3 out of 4 tournaments to qualify for WABTA Classic.


  • If you fish all 4 of the $300 events, you automatically qualify for the classic.


  • If you fish 3 of the 4 $300 events and cash a check, you automatically qualify. You will still owe $60 to fish classic.


  • If you fish all 4 $150 events and pay $120 entry fee for the classic you automatically qualify.


  • Any COMBINATION of 4 tournaments will make that team classic eligible.  For every $150 tournament fished of those 4 tournaments, the team will pay a $30 entry fee to the classic to become qualified.


You will be a single qualifier if...

  • Your partner is unable to fish the classic.


Single qualifiers must pair up with other single qualifiers to fish the classic.  



Facts about the WABTA Classic.

The WABTA Classic is funded by your membership dues, sponsor fees, raffle proceeds and a portion of the WABTA tournament entry fees.


The WABTA Classic lake (and alternates) will be voted upon at the WABTA Classic dinner.